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2009-06-01 16:17:08 by wimwim

I'm back... yup, you'd never believe it but I've made a half-assed Flash slideshow about Demotivational Posters.

Enjoy, dudes.

Yay! Hooray! Another Flash today!

2008-10-04 13:47:34 by wimwim

I'm so cool. I started making an animation last night, and finished it just now. It's about my reaction to the new Adobe Creative Suite 4. I hope you enjoy it, and, as always, check out my blog at the Crescent Studios Blog, and my Brickshelf blog at Best of Brickshelf. Thanks, and enjoy!

See my blog!

2008-09-15 13:04:51 by wimwim

Wow, my LHC flash has just had another few comments. Dude, that's so cool. Now then, please PLEASE visit my new blog, which I'm making with a few of my friends. It's called Best of Brickshelf, and features some of the best online LEGO creations that are currently out there! PLZ VST Best of Brickshelf Bye!


2008-08-27 15:13:48 by wimwim

Wow, guess what? I just uploaded a new song I made and in the first day it's already got one 10-point comment and a download! Thank you SO much, whoever you are! In fact, here's a picture to celebrate! It's the front of my album, with lots more songs that I will be uploading soon!



2008-08-17 15:02:30 by wimwim

Here is a picture I drew of myself about a month ago. I drew it on Photoshop, with a mouse (gasp!).